Typically, it takes up to six months, from the signing of the franchise agreement to store opening. Plenty of variables affect that timeline: availability of real estate, site selection, financing, hiring staff, equipment delivery, construction and costs. But here’s our best-case vision of how the process works, based on a 180-day turnaround: *

DAYS 1-60:

You find a suitable site with good traffic and proximity to enough people (refer to guidelines above). You have verified in writing that the site is zoned for restaurants; you review and execute a lease.

DAYS 61-80:

Establish pre-opening and opening budget. Track pre-opening expenses. Get approval for all blueprints and preliminary drawings. Meet with and submit plans to corporate; provide development schedule; apply for permits; set up vendor accounts.

DAYS 80-120:

Order equipment; post “Coming Soon” signs; order operating software; register tax status with state; establish training and recruiting plans and place ads for all positions.


Ordering phone system, securing insurance; selecting a management team; setting up utilities and bank accounts; hiring staff and training; arranging for food delivery; making final preparations; hanging the “Now Open” sign outside; and preparing your staff for a great opening day.

* This timeline could vary depending on how long it takes to find a suitable location.

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