jeff-franchiseOpening an East of Chicago Pizza franchise does not require past experience. If you have experience, it is an advantage since you already understand the time commitment and what it takes to be successful. If you don’t have experience, you are in a great situation since you don’t have any pre-existing ideas about what you should be doing. Our experienced team of support personnel will help you make the most of your time and answer any questions. Plus, you can take advantage of the experience and wisdom of our franchisees, area developers, and our vendors.

East of Chicago Pizza looks for potential franchisees that want to execute a proven business plan. We have a very strong brand, a highly effective business system, and an experienced Franchise Services team.

larry-franchiseThe first and most essential ingredient is passion — passion for East of Chicago’s food and the brand we’ve built. We want our franchise operators and their employees to use that passion as the backbone for everything they do, from bookkeeping to staff management to serving our food.

Our ideal candidate has a background in restaurant management, preferably franchise restaurants; strong management skills; the ability to consistently motivate themselves and those around them; and the willingness to devote time and energy to the business.

Successful franchise operators are unanimous in their belief that working with people, building our Brand value and a commitment to our founding core principles are the best attributes for any potential franchise owner.

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